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Posted by Oddder - January 15th, 2018

Haven't been on this account in years, decided I'll post some art in here. Enjoy

Posted by Oddder - December 21st, 2013

Here is a "Hello" to everyone who decided to stumble apon my Newgrounds page/channel/website/slash/slash/etc...

Anyway, this page/channel/website/slash/slash/more slashes is just BLANK right now. I haven't posted anything, litterally. I mean, I've known about Newgrounds since I was 7 years old lol, but I used to be scared of this website because of a few flash animations (I was such a puss...). Either way, I still came on here to see some cool animations, like RubberrNinja's (Ross') and Egoraptor's (Arin's) animations back in the day. Those guys had actually inspired me to start working on projects like animating through a Graphic Tablet. 

I hope that I will be successful once I start creating and uploading these videos, but you never know what the future may hold. I mean, for all I know, I'd just be some newbie at this stuff and by the time I master animating, these types of videos will be "unpopular" and "old". I just wish I'll be able to make it in the upper ranks of Newgrounds one day...

Thank ya' guys.

Thank you to everyone who saw this and supported me, I guess. XoXoXo

Posted by Oddder - May 4th, 2012

Well, this is my first ACTUAL post on the website haha. So, lets get get down to buisiness. I was thinking, since we are taking some time off of "The Clash Of The Nerd Herd" I would start making animations. I made the main character just recently and I was wondering if you have any suggestions on what to name him? I was thinking to name him 'Pinap'. But if you have any idea's tell me. Also, the animation will be video game based, so help me find a title for it. Thanks!

Leave Name & Title Suggestions bellow!


Posted by Oddder - January 30th, 2012

I just recently made a NewGrounds account and im very excited to use it! Im an artist so most likely, I will be posting more art than Games or Flash Movies. MineCraft is a hobby of mine and also my most favotite game (Right on top of Castle Crashers XD). Currently I am making a Game called, "The Clash Of The Nerd Herd!" I am the artsist of the game and design the Character, Backrounds ECT... I've also come up with the main plot and storyline of the Game. The GamePlay style will be somewhat like Castle Crashers GamePlay style. You can choose to play as One of the Six Main Characters and choose a partner (The Partners are not of of the heros/main characters). You will be able to unlock characters, also some from very famous Video Games :D
There will be more information about, "The Clash Of The Nerd Herd" soon enough, and also, dont hesitate to ask questions. Send them to me through my email account.

~Hey, Im Voltomz and Im here to tell you about "The Clash Of The Nerd Herd"